Instructables is an interesting site where its members can share pictures and videos instructing others on how to do a particular task. It conveniently  groups and categorizes uploads based on topics of similarities. Over all, I think it’s a good site, I just wish there was a way to weave out all the awful ones. Maybe there could be some sort of higher application process that would get rid of the crap that some people post.

          For my first Instructables, I plan on giving a simple solution to the problem of inconvenience with a misplaced light switch. My roommate’s light switch has been strategically placed in the corner of his room behind the door, by an ingenious electrician. As a result, the person occupying the room must enter the dark room, averting disaster and avoiding the many obstacles in the way, to simply flick a switch, turning on the lights. To solve this dilemma, I will simply redirect the switch to a more appropriate place.


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