What’s in a name?

After reading Steven Heller’s What’s in a Name? it got me thinking about all of the different usernames I use on the various accounts that I have (theidvip, arusiski06, arusiski, rusiskia). most of the time, I at least try use my last name in creating my online persona. However, there are times when AdamRusiski is taken as a username so using my real name isn’t an option and I must resort to creating some random username, such as theidvip. I agree that using one’s full name can create potential fear, as Heller says in his article. But, As Jessica Gladstone said in her reply to Steven’s Article, “You are more naked, less clever, more mundane and expressly more human.” There is no question that a real name at the end of a blog post is an indication that the person who authored the statement is taking responsibility, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that one who uses an alternative name isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about owning up to your words and ideas posted on a site, but I also see the benefit in being anonymous. Sometimes things jest need to be said with out knowing who said it. Legitimate comments and criticism can still be said by an unknown author. For instance, say someone creates something and you spot something that is terribly wrong with it and you’d like to tell them so they can fix it but you don’t want to come off as the asshole- in this case saying a very much needed comment of criticism under a pseudonymous online name is understandable.


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