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March 7, 2009

        In the mood for some one of a kind pizza, hand-made with the finest ingredients available from the market? Well you won’t find it at Mama Palma’s on 23rd and Spruce Street in Philadelphia. What you will find however is the worst customer service in the pizza industry. I had the pleasure of meeting the so-called manager of this fine establishment today and let me tell you, customer service is not a top priority to him. I’m not sure what has caused me to feel this way, maybe the staffs amazing social skills or the manager who needs to be restrained by co-workers after attempting to hurl a chair at me? yes, the manager tried throwing a chair at me…

    So it all started while my girlfriend and I were walking back from the dog park today and came across this nice looking pizza place. We saw a big beautiful dog lounging at the feet of her owner, who was enjoying some of Mama Palma’s fine gourmet pizza in the restaurants outdoor seating section. My girlfriend sat at one of the many open tables with her miniature pomeranian as I went in to get a menu. Little did she know that moments later I would be walking out in mid argument, cursing out the manager whom was wielding one of the metal chairs that typically are only used for seating, not as a weapon as it was today. Upon acquiring the menu, the manager made a comment to me that they DO NOT SERVE DOGS! I asked him about the woman with the dog outside and he assured me that there was no dog. He was completely ridiculous and just kept saying “We don’t serve dogs”so I let him know how well I though he was handling the situation at hand and proceeded to leave. This is where the chair comes into play. He grabbed a chair as he followed me out and tried throwing it at me, but 2 employees and a man in his truck held him back as another employee struggled to keep him in a head lock. 

So if your looking for some of Philadelphia’s fine pizza, go to Lazaro’s instead, loads cheaper and ten times better taste…and customer service.